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Our Results

We are extremely proud of the outcomes at Normaby-by-Spital Primary School, not just at the end ofthe Key stages and during national testing and screening, but every day, with every year group.

However, in the recent suite of end of Key Stage data and Phonics, we performed extremely well in comparison to local and national outcomes!

  • We are in the top 3% in the country for our Phonics screening results, with an impressive 100% of children passing-how amazing is that? We pride ourselves on our systematic, effective and comprehensive delivery of phonics. Recently Ofsted (Nov 2016) commented that pupils,

'Enjoy learning phonics and are encouraged to sounds out the letters to learn how to read and spell.'

  • In EYFS, our results of 80% of pupils achieving a Good Level of Development meant that we are significantly higher than both local (69%) and national (67%) outcomes. This included 100% in reading, numb Again, substancially higher than any local or national data.
  • In KS1 all of our outcomes were above the national and local outcomes for Reading, Writing and Maths!
  • In KS2 our Reading results were significantly above the national avergae of 66% at an impressive 80% at standard! This puts us in the top 10% nationally for low attainers reading progress!

Ofsted (Nov 2016) commented that, 'Teachers challenge pupils well in their reading.'

  • In Writing and maths our results are generally in line with national and local outcomes. However, again the progress that disadvantage and low attainers make puts us in the top 10% nationally!

We are proud of the outcomes that all of our pupils make, however most importantly we are proud of the exceptional, well grounded, confident, resilient pupils that we have at our school. Data can tell us one staory, but every child in our school tells us who they are and helps us to create bespoke and personalised learning journeys for them that lead to the super outcomes that we have!

Below you wil find the OfSTED Data Dashboard for the school.  This gives you an understanding of the performance of the children in the school against national tests.

You can find out how we compare to other schools in the local area by following the link below that takes you to the DfE school perfomance tables website: