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Voyager Y2/3

Welcome to our class!

This Term we are answering the question ' Are Pirate skills relevant today?'

We are thinking about Pirates, both real and fictional.

The topic will launch with a letter and a Pirate challenge.

As part of our topic on pirates we will be thinking about the everyday life of a pirate and how our lives have improved over the years. Would we like to live on board a pirate ship? Did pirates really bury treasure? What treasures could you find under the sea? Have we got what it takes to be a pirate? Our regular challenges will prove whether we would survive as a pirate or not!!!


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  • The Water Cycle

    Published 26/09/19, by Elaine Tomlinson

    The Water Cycle

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  • Are you fit enough to be a pirate?

    Published 26/09/19, by Elaine Tomlinson

    We practised our pirate skills to see how fit we were. This is what we did:

    walk the plank

    pull the treasure

    climb the rigging

    fire the cannons

    how agile are you

    crawl through the ship

    test your sea legs

    We are all good enough to be PIRATES!!!!!

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  • Superhero Police

    Published 17/07/19, by Elaine Tomlinson

    We think the police are superheroes, they came to talk to us!!!

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  • Exhibition December 2018

    Published 10/12/18, by Elaine Tomlinson

    Bird feeders and bird boxes.

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  • Food and Farming Exhibition

    Published 17/07/18, by Elaine Tomlinson

    We invited parents and carers to join us for a healthy food cooking activity.

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  • Pink Pig Farm

    Published 05/07/18, by Elaine Tomlinson

    Our Trip to the farm.

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  • Clean Hands

    Published 14/05/18, by Elaine Tomlinson

    It is important to wash your hands properly.

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  • Artwork

    Published 24/04/18, by Elaine Tomlinson

    We created natural pictures using pointilism.

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  • Water exhibition

    Published 27/03/18, by Elaine Tomlinson

    we invited parents and carers to share our water experiements.

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  • World Book Day

    Published 08/03/18, by Elaine Tomlinson

    Enjoying world book day.

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  • New Blog Post

    Published 30/01/18, by Elaine Tomlinson

    Trip to Magna.

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  • New Blog Post

    Published 22/01/18, by Elaine Tomlinson

    The journey of a river.

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