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The Governors of Normanby-by-Spital Primary are a group of volunteers who carry overall responsibility for the school. We comprise representatives from the local community, parents, and those who work at the school. It is our job to act as “critical friends”, monitoring the life of the school, the delivery of the curriculum, and the finances which pay for it all. The full governing body meets six times a year,  where matters surrounding finance and personnel, curriculum and the buildings and site are all discussed. All the Governors feel a real sense of privilege at being part of Normanby-by-Spital Primary, and enjoy working to make sure that the education provided for the children is the best it can be.

Please have a look at the Code of Conduct below to see what the agreed expecations are for our governors in our school, to ensure that the school is monitored effectively.


Name Type of Governor End of Tenure Link Role Attendence of GB 2017/2018
Andrew Firth

Chair of Governors


May 2022 Chair 100%(6/6)
Tilden Watson


Vice Chair of Governors

April 2023 Safeguarding & Health and Safety 83%(5/6)
Samantha Harrison Staff March 2021


83% (5/6)
Suzanne Clarke Parent May 2023    
Graham Crompton-Howe Community November 2020 Curriculum 83% (5/6)
Annabel Gilbert Parent September 2022   N/A
Sophie Dickinson Parent March 2021 Teaching and Learning 100% (6/6)
Peter Beveridge LA November 2020 EYFS/Foundation Stage 66% (4/6)
Kerri Grummell Ex-Officio N/A N/A N/A

Lynda Watson

(wife of Tilden Watson)

Clerk N/A N/A 100% (6/6)